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Dental Laser Therapy

How Your Dentist Uses Laser Therapy Dental lasers activate a process called bio stimulation that kills bacteria, the main cause of most oral health issues. Dr. Caldwell holds the lightweight laser in one hand and shines the activating light in the area of your mouth requiring treatment. The laser delivers energy to your teeth or… Read more

Professional Teeth Whitening Will Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

Like most people, you had naturally white teeth as a child that slowly became discolored over time. While aging is a key factor in tooth discoloration, several lifestyle habits can also accelerate the process. Smoking, drinking wine, frequently eating dark-colored foods, and lack of attention to oral hygiene are just some examples. Even taking certain… Read more

Welcome to Our New Website!

We’d like to welcome you to our new website for SunWest Dental San Tan Valley! We love providing you with excellent dental care, so we hope you’ll drop by the office for an appointment sometime soon. This is our blog page. On our blog, you’ll find information about commonly asked dental questions, fun events in… Read more